What happened 2014

Levellers’ Day 2014 took place in Burford on Saturday 17 May

Mark Chapman’s address, paying tribute to the Levellers and to Tony Benn, can be seen here:

Mark Chapman’s address Burford 2014

  • 10.30 Assemble on the Green in front of Warwick Hall, Burford, with songs from the Sea Green Singers
  • 11.00 Commemorative address from Mark Chapman
  • 11.15 Laying of Posies in the Churchyard
  • 11.25 Parade moves off to Burford Recreation Ground (bring your banners, flags and placards)
  • 12.00 Arrive at the Burford Recreation Ground, Tanners Lane
  • Cry Havoc (Oxfordshire Morris Side)
  • Vale Islanders Folk Dancers
  • Sea Green Singers
  • visit stalls of local action groups
  • 12.45 Panel discussion (with plenty of time for questions and discussion) in the marquee
  • 15.00 Finish with the Sea Green Singers leading us in the Internationale

Refreshments were provided by the CWU, and the Woodcraft Folk organised children’s activities

Panel discussion: Levelling out the democratic deficit, with:

  • Chair: Paul Mackney @paulmackney
  • Simon Woolley, Operation Black Vote @OpBlackVote
  • Trish Lavelle, CWU @cwueducation
  • Roger McKenzie, Unison @unionroger
  • @Levellers_Day

Levellers drummer

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