Friday seminar 2015

Thanks to Haydn Wheeler, films of the Lilburne Night lectures are available here:

John Rees, an introduction to Lilburne Night

Ann Hughes, Leveller Women

Ted Vallance, The Legacy of Lilburne

We are organising an additional event for 2015

A Friday night seminar will take place in Alvescot on Friday 15 May

Close to the 400th anniversary of John Lilburne we will have…

  • Introduction John Rees
  • Women and the English Revolution Professor Ann Hughes
  • John Lilburne Ted Vallance
  • The meeting will be chaired by Megan Dobney

John Rees is co-author of A people’s history of London. He is currently working on a new history of the Levellers movement, The Levellers revolution, based on his doctoral research and to be published by Verso

Ann Hughes‘ latest book is Gender and the English revolution. She was one of the editors of the Oxford Complete works of Gerrard Winstanley and is widely regarded as one of the foremost historians of the English Revolution

Ted Vallance is the author of A radical history of Britain. His much praised essay Reborn John traced the impact of Leveller John Lilburne on subsequent generations of British Radicals

Megan Dobney is the TUC Regional Secretary for the Southern and Eastern Region (SERTUC)

The meeting will be hosted by communications union CWU at its training centre in Alvescot and will start at 7pm. Attendance is free, but is limited to around 60 people so registration will be necessary – please register at

There are a few rooms available for Bed & Breakfast on Friday 15 May at the Alvescot training centre at £38 per person. Book at

Levellers drummer

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